WiNUP is excited to make its history book "From Acorns to Oaks" available for purchase.


Our history is rich with details about forward-thinking women through the years who recognized the importance of supporting one another in an industry in which they were - and are - a minority.


Our book is a culmination of five years of work by a committee of WiNUP history buffs dedicated to ensuring our past is still alive as we head into the future. 


Past President, Carolyn Gordon, first introduced the book to you in an email that included an excerpt of the book.  A tease article in the August 28 edition of our Connections newsletter noted that most of us have learned about our organization's history from older members when they occasionally would share their recollections.  


"From Acorns to Oaks" captures our history from our beginnings in 1923 through 2014 in a hard cover book featuring more than 160 pages of details, photographs and graphics, including a section about our annual conferences.  Click the poster

to read about our annual conferences.  


We are very grateful for our supporters.  They have made it possible for us to offer this limited edition, hardcover, coffee table style book to you for the reasonable price of $15 per copy.  

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