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  • Year chartered: 1990

  • Contact information:

    • Address: 1 Riverside Plaza, Columbus, Ohio 43210

    • Phone: 614.716.6857

    • Email:

  • Number of Members: 168

  • Geographical territory: Central & Southern Ohio

  • Companies/industries represented: AEP, AEP-Ohio, Ohio Electric Cooperative, NiSource, Columbia Gas of Ohio,  Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Aerotek

  • 2019 Program Plan: "Driving Your Leadership" - Be Real. Be Passionate. Be the Authentic You.

  • Officers:

    • Chair:  Deb Hohn

    • Vice chair: Kernesa Samana 

    • Treasurer: Lynn Guilbert

    • Secretary: Jill Lukehart

    • Immediate Past President: Hillary Sheffer

    • International Board Rep: Krista Tillman

    • Parliamentarian: Teri Berliner

    • Public Relations: Lindsay Chambers

Lynn Guilbert

Jill Lukehart

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