Membership Benefits

WiNUP provides growth and development opportunities to its members through programs, networking, mentoring, and recognitions.


Annual Conference:

A chapter or regional group hosts the annual conference providing networking and learning opportunities for members and nonmembers at a reasonable cost. Our conferences engage industry experts who speak on relevant topics including industry trends, operational improvement, and leadership development.


Monthly Programs:

Chapters hold luncheon and evening events throughout the year to provide professional development as well as access to industry experts and executive leadership serving utilities.



Members have the opportunity to obtain career counsel and guidance from established utility leaders and professionals.


Leadership Roles:

Members have numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills by participating on local chapter committees, officer elections, international office committees, and international officer elections. Members grow their natural abilities while working with other WiNUP members on meaningful projects.


Community Involvement:

WiNUP takes pride in paying forward and giving back to our communities. Our focus is on educating and developing women and girls in order to strengthen the workforce available to utilities and heighten to women’s desire to join the utility industry.




Fellowships of $2,000, $1,000 and $500 are available annually to members and nonmembers who are pursuing graduate study in the utility industry or allied fields. These fellowships are for one academic year and are renewable by reapplying.


Awards and Grants:

Awards and grants are given out each year to recognize chapter efforts in supporting their members and the community, to recognize outstanding individual members, to support continuing education and to assist members with their costs to attend the annual conference.

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