What Veterans and Rookies Need to Know


Just what exactly is the Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals, or WiNUP as it is known to its members?

It is an exciting organization of professionals who work in and serve the utility industry. It is an organization of volunteers who come together with a common need – to further their professional and personal development.

Members hail from multiple utilities and types. They join because they are looking for opportunity. They become involved. They network, mentor, plan, organize, share, learn and play together. They join committees, they plan and host conferences, and they are chosen by their peers to fill leadership roles at the international and chapter level.

These volunteer officers and board of directors, chapter chairs and committee chairs tackle the same problems and issues any business encounters. Yet, it is never dull. The difference is … they do it for free. And they do it because it is rewarding, satisfying and because it is enjoyable.

Each fall, the annual conference brings members from across the country together to learn more about the industry, themselves and one another, to recognize accomplishments, to promote community involvement and to celebrate. Conferences provide opportunities for members to develop networks of resources that help them at their jobs. And conference relationship building often grows lasting friendships.

WiNUP 101 Part 1 - The Basics of International and Chapter Leadership Roles - is a preview of the basic roles and responsibilities members assume as organization leaders. To learn more about how your officers serve the organization and you, click this link.

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